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Speaking at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum in Nairobi, Scowsill called for solidarity with Kenya's citizens as the country grapples with the terrorist attack. I will call on all of us to maintain our confidence in Kenya following the recent terrorist attacks in London and Paris, and around the world.

The conference was supported by the Kenyan Government, the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kenya Tourism Authority (KTA). Your contribution to reflects your commitment as a guest of our hotel and is treated with the utmost respect.

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We promote sustainable growth in our industry by working with governments and international institutions to create jobs, promote exports and create prosperity. We have had man-made disasters over the last two decades, but Scowsill's message is that travel and tourism are resilient. Tragically, the terrorist attack was just the latest in a series of disasters the industry has had to live with for years. Icelandic ash clouds, combined with natural disasters such as this one, are just one example of the devastating impact of climate change on the tourism industry.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is one of the largest and most influential travel and tourism organizations in the world. Our members bring expertise to guide government policies and decisions - and they are aware of the impact of climate change on travel, tourism and the tourism industry. They are responsible for developing and implementing global tourism policies, regulations and standards.

Scowsill will say: "Travel and tourism bring people together, enable us to build relationships and understand each other's cultures, and are a vehicle for diplomacy and trade. This is our message: tourists who are clearly welcome and safe in our destination will have the wonderful experience they are looking for. will not attempt to hide the true nature of our travel and tourism services and our commitment to our customers. Any questions relating to our services should be referred to the Customer Service and Accommodation Services team and any promotional content will be removed.

As someone who has stayed at the property before, what do you say to others about the reputation of the hotel as a safe and friendly place for tourists and locals?

The World Travel and Tourism Council has been the voice of the industry worldwide for over 20 years. According to the WTTC, the travel and tourism industry is the second largest in the world with an annual turnover of $1.2 billion.

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More About Antananarivo