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After driving along the roads in the north of Madagascar, we stopped in Ivato, a village near the capital Antananarivo. It was a helpful place to interrupt our trip from Antananarivos to Ile Sainte-Marie and to organize our trip to the Canal des Pangalanes. This is the perfect place to explore Ivatos, as it is located just a few kilometers from the capital Antana and a short drive from all tourist attractions.

When we landed in Madagascar we tested two different hotels as far as we can tell, but we stayed at Ecole Lodge and slept in a hotel in Antananarivos, one of the most popular hotels in the country. Please read our previous posts about the hotels we went to to to get recommendations, including rates, locations and great reviews. They all contribute to the overall experience of visiting these places as tourists, not just the hotel itself.

The Carlton Hotel is the best in Antananarivo and offers a Family Junior Suit with bed and breakfast, a full service restaurant and a private pool. Guests are satisfied with the hotel compared to the competitors in the area and it is also one of our best rated locations in Fianarantsoa.

For example, it is possible to go mountain biking, take a multi-day hike where you sleep with the locals, or rent a quad bike to explore the area. Or you can treat yourself to a cheeky cocktail and cool off before it gets too hot while windsurfing in the shimmering Indian Ocean. This hotel is close to the airport and is a great place to take a breath after a long flight or to end your last day in Madagascar in a relaxed way. Island Continent Hotel - Hotel is the best choice for guests looking for peace and security in one of the best hotels in Antananarivo with its own pool and private beach.

The diverse continent is magnificent, with vast plains full of games, lush waterways and lush forests and vast tropical forests. Choose from a wide selection of hotels in Antananarivo with a variety of options, such as the best hotels and restaurants in the city, to name a few. Adventurous people are spoilt for choice, because everything is at home, from the towering volcanoes of Madagascar to the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. Choose from tailor-made trips, or compile the ultimate trip with the help of the best travel guides in the world, travel tips and tips for Madagascar's most popular destinations.

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The H Sweet Home Hotel welcomes its guests in this modest and elegant setting. The hotel offers its guests a wide range of amenities, including a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness center. The rooms provided by the hotel offer access to a private pool, pool and spa, as well as an outdoor pool. Free private parking is also available in the car park of the hotel garage, which is next to the restaurant and bar.

Princesse du Lagon also has a seating area with a private dining area, bar and LCD TV. The 17-room hotel features a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor pool and wellness centre. The hotel has 123 rooms, private parking on site and a free garage are also available. A private pool, spa, gym, restaurant and lounge area, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool are available at this hotel. There is also a spa and gym with private pools, fitness centres and outdoor pools.

South of the Lower Antananarivo, Tsimbazaza Botanical and Zoological Park allows you to observe lemurs, which means "not for children" if you are not a child. Like many African cities, Antanasarivos, the city of a thousand warriors, often simply called Tana, has its own flair and is imbued with a sense of history and culture similar to that of many African cities.

The hotels offer personalized service and benefits for business and leisure travelers seeking relaxation. There are a variety of hotels in Antanasarivos, all of which have their own unique features and amenities and are perfect for you.

More About Antananarivo

More About Antananarivo